A Woman’s Place – 2017

Last week, research institute Ipsos MORI released new data as part of its Global Trends Survey. This longitudinal research programme follows the development in social attitudes in 24 countries. Amongst other things, respondents are asked about their views on the roles of women in society.

Survey participants were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement ‘the role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives’ to which an average of 37% replied in the affirmative. The country with the lowest level of agreement was Sweden (17%), the highest Indonesia, (76%). In The United States, 41% agreed with the statement, whereas in Great Britain the figure was 22%.

The research is accompanied by an interesting article in which the author argues that there are signs that the ‘move towards more liberal attitudes on the role of women in society may be slowing’. It’s worth reading!


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