American Problems

Trump Tower Chicago, image by K. Salam

The general election in the US demonstrated – amongst other things – that stark divisions exist within the electorate when it comes to policy preferences. However, according to research published two days after the election, these divisions, perhaps unsurprisingly, go much deeper than policy but to the very core of identifying problems and priorities.

Researchers questioned Trump and Clinton supporters on a range of issues. Below, we give you a snapshot of the results:

79% of Trump voters said that immigration was a ‘very big problem in the country today’, compared with 20% of Clinton voters.

74% of Trump voters identified terrorism as a very big problem, compared with 42% of Clinton voters.

Reversely, 66% of Clinton voters identified climate change as a very big problem, against only 14% of Trump voters.

Gun violence, too, was of greater concern to Clinton voters, with 73% identifying this as a big problem against 31% of Trump voters.

Some issues, however, are less divisive, most notably drug addiction and infrastructure. 62% of Trump supporters identify drugs as a big problem compared with 56% of Clinton supporters, and 36% of Trump supporters view ‘conditions of roads, bridges, infrastructure’ as a ‘big problem’, compared with 46% of Clinton supporters.

Research published by PEW Research Centre.

Full report and methodology:

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