POLITICAL MS: Three Questions about the EU

euflagfinalfinalWhy not have a little fun and see if you can answer three basic questions about the EU?

Afterwards, you can compare your score to those recorded in a recent survey that shows you the results from all member states.


All you have to do is say whether you believe each individual statement below to be true or false. (And don’t’ worry about embarrassing yourself; as long as you don’t write anything down, nobody needs to know).

Statement 1

The EU currently consists of 28 member states

Statement 2

The members of the European Parliament are directly elected by the citizens of each member state

Statement 3

Switzerland is a member state of the EU

Click her to see the correct answers

Click here to see how survey respondents did in the latest Eurobarometer survey (May 2016)


Information about the quiz and the survey:

The three questions were ‘borrowed’ from Standard Eurobarometer 85, from where the data on replies in the EU member states have been quoted.
You can access the survey here

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