A map of European solidarity

The issue of immigration is becoming one of the most debated, and contested, in public policy. This week, we bring you survey results from the European Value Surveys, which measured solidarity in different countries with four groups of people, the elderly, the unemployed, immigrants and the sick and disabled.

Asked whose living conditions they felt very or much concerned about, European respondents expressed the lowest level of solidarity with immigrants. This finding was consistent across the surveyed countries, although individual levels of solidarity with each group varied between states.

Click on the map to view a close-up of the results.

Copyright: European Value Surveys

The data: The European Value Surveys (EVS) is a large-scale, cross-national research programme that measures developments in social values and attitudes across European states. The surveys are conducted in waves every nine years and so far encompass 1981, 1990, 1999 and 2008.  The above map depicts the most recent results.  EVS data sets are available free of charge from the organisation’s website.

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