‘SHE WAS A LOOKER..’ Best friend and worst enemy

mirrorJust when we need our perfect eyesight the most, it starts getting worse. Applying make-up or using tweezers (or scissors) around one’s face, gets trickier with time and standing in front of the mirror trying to apply a perfect line of shadow can be a frustrating experience. Especially, afterwards, when you take two steps back and see that you look as if you’ve gone three rounds with Mike Tyson.


This handy mirror from Tweezermate is the solution. It’s not like those hotel mirror attachments where everything looks a little larger than in the normal mirror. This is a full on, 10 times magnifier, and if it’s your first time using such a device be prepared to see things you were not expecting, particularly if you switch on the inbuilt light. You can see straight into your pores and even view the tiny, tiny eyebrow hairs as they’re appearing from the follicles.

I know this sounds like an exercise in pointless self-harm but it’s not. The¬†upsides are many: Perfect make-up application, especially when using concealer or foundation as the 10x close up allows you to use only the minimum amount of product necessary to cover whatever it is you’re covering. It’s great for contact lens insertion as well and the two suction cups are strong enough that the Tweezermate will stay put on your bathroom mirror.

Tweezermate 10x lighted mirror, £25

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