Political Ms

A good friend once told me she wasn’t ‘political’…

… “What are you then?’ I wondered. But, of course, I didn’t ask that. Instead I inquired about her views on schools, tax and healthcare. She had plenty of opinions.

I believe that everybody has political views. But jargon and confrontation in the public debate can kill our curiosity, make us put down the newspaper and switch off the tv. Close our eyes. Sometimes, this even culminates in us (those lucky enough to be invited) staying away from the ballot box.

But what if everybody did that? I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if nobody turned up other than those who were running for office who could surely be counted on to turn up to vote for themselves and have their picture taken. But seriously, how low does voter participation have to be for a result to be regarded as invalid? Is it a problem that so many of us don’t vote?

These are just some of the questions that I am keen to debate in the Political MS column and I hope that my co-writers and I can contribute to engaging a few people, including some of those who would normally describe themselves as ‘not political.’

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