The Cubicle Question – Part III

The OWL continues her investigations into the cubicle preferences of public loo-goers. Despite modest new findings, we have made some progress and been able to formulate a hypothesis.

Kensington GardensRegular readers will remember that the OWL previously paid a visit to the public conveniences in Kensington Gardens. We have been back to the same facility, this time spending only ten minutes by the entrance (a mother with a pram was starting to give us odd looks, hence cutting the test period short). Nevertheless, we recorded seven visitors, three of whom chose the second cubicle and four of whom chose the third cubicle. Two of these visited in pairs (for lack of a better phrase),  hence reducing the available options. But that aside, once again, nobody chose cubicle one.

On the basis of this and previous findings (see The Cubicle Question. Part II), and with ‘cubicle one’ defined as the cubicle nearest the entrance, the OWL has formed the following hypothesis:

When given two or more cubicle options, public loo-goers do not choose cubicle one.


loo change conversion for Brexit photoWe look forward to keeping you updated over the summer as we test the hypothesis. In the meantime we leave you with a photograph, which in a funny way, links this column to the Brexit debate, another dilemma high on the OWL’s agenda. (Note the Euro/GBP conversion rate).





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