‘She was a looker when I met her’ – Slimatee


Early one morning, the OWL’s friend K called.

“I just saw myself in the mirror,” she said, crying.

It turns out K had perfected a routine whereby she could slip out of her bathrobe, hang it on the hook, and jump into her wet room without looking in the mirror. But this morning she had dropped the bathrobe.

She reckoned she hadn’t seen herself naked in just over a year and although she knew she’d put on a few pounds (hence the avoidance of mirrors), it was a bit ‘worse’ than she had thought (these are K’s own words, the OWL does not engage in fatshaming).

The OWL, having a vague memory of a slimming tea that had one produced some good results, told K to head to her local health shop. There, a kind lady produced the Slimtatee and told K it was not ‘too late.’

Thee weeks laters and K is down from a size sixteen to a fourteen, having avoided snacks and sugar but otherwise eaten normally.  “I have to stop now, because you can only do this for two weeks every two months,” she said, “but I’m on track and please give the Slimatee five out of five. Just tell everyone they may want to make sure that they have access to a loo about nine hours after drinking the tea.”

The OWL is happy to oblige.

Tip: Drink the tea in the evening just before bedtime every night for two weeks. Combine with a balanced, healthy diet and you should lose between one and two kilos each week depending on your bodyweight.


Read manufacturer’s instructions carefully before taking this product. Should not be taken by pregnant women or anybody with intestinal problems.

SLIMATEE®, UK: £3.69/20 bags, £2.25/10 bags, available worldwide


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