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Hannah Hoskins is an English blogger and writer. She lives in Brooklyn, New York City, with her husband Seb, a Ph.D. student at NYU.

The alarm goes at 6.30. Normally, since it’s the first day of the week, I’m pretty good and do roll out of bed  soon after it sounds, which is definitely not what happens when Friday comes around (hello snooze button!). The day begins as every day in my life does, with a run. Normally on Monday I head down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, running up and down the piers and then back along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. By the time I’m home I’m 100 times more awake than I was 45 minutes ago. I’ll hop in the shower and throw on some clothes before my husband, Seb, tells me it’s now later than breakfast time.

We always, always sit down and have breakfast together. My pre-work mornings have a very set routine. Around 8.30 I jump on my bike and head to work. Biking to the office is a relatively new addition to my day, and I love it. It sounds scary, biking in the city, but out here in Brooklyn it’s not so bad — as long as I’m alert and careful it’s safe enough, and so much quicker than the subway!

At the office I’ll make tea and sit down to catch up on what’s happened since the weekend. I work for a plant-based wellness company who ships meals to people across the nation to help them have a healthier happier life. A quick check in on social media and the blog I run, and then it’s time get things ready for shooting Facebook Live. On Monday mornings I head to my boss’s apartment to shoot her cooking up one of her soup recipes. It takes quite a chunk out of my day, what with getting there, setting up, filming, clearing, and packing up again, but it’s actually a relief to be forced to shut off from emails and other goings ons for a couple of hours. Once we’re done with filming we normally sit down to have lunch together, eating whatever soup or stew we just made. Phones set down, spoon in hand, this peaceful moment is one of the best of the week. And then the normal busy chaos ensues for the rest of the afternoon back in the office.

Around 6 I cycle back home. I try to keep Monday evenings quiet – if I do too much early in the week I’m like a walking zombie by the end. Normally I come back, do a bit more work if necessary, and work on one of my two websites – my personal blog, Honey & Ricotta, and a website called LDN-NYC, which I launched in January with a close friend who lives in London. Seb and I will cook dinner together (but sometimes this will just be leftovers from the weekend), and while it cooks we’ll have a drink (and snacks – we’re always hungry) to debrief from the day. Then it’s an early night, some time watching whatever TV series we’re on, and lights out around 10pm in time for another 6am alarm.


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