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My Mondays seem to vary from one week to the next, but now that my youngest child has started school, I’m surprisingly keen!

Today starts at 6.15 when Francesca, my 4 year old, wakes up (45 minutes earlier than necessary). She’s alarmingly jolly for that time of day, I feel. She squishes my cheeks together with her hands whilst I’m barely awake and says my smile is ‘cute’ and that she’d ‘like to cut it off and keep it with her’ – I’m thinking quite sweet if maybe a little odd.

It’s now 6.30 and my husband Matt legs it to the station to catch his train to London.

7.30. I’m having to drag my son Freddie (7) out of his bed – he’s in a deep sleep. This takes a few attempts whilst I’m gathering school bags, PE bags, school shoes etc., all by the front door. And equally important, my bed needs to be made, and I need a bit of make up (I did have my kids in my forties and quite honestly I’m done with the fresh faced look). My rule is never to leave home without accomplishing these two tasks.

Breakfast is surprisingly calm & without a hiccup – unusual for us. We leave at 8am.

After drop off, I whizz to Waitrose where I get my free cup of tea whilst I pick up a few bits. I search frantically for the aromatic Chinese duck with pancakes, which has recently become a regular weekly supper for the children on a Tuesday night, particularly for my son who eats so little meat. This is a new ritual that I’m not sure I can keep up with, given the expense.

9.20. I’m home. I go for a short jog (I loathe running) along the old railway cutting behind our house. I have to change the pace to a ‘fast walk’ when I get to a steep hill on the edge of a field.

I’m back before you know it, in the shower and all dressed by 11am. My fit bit says I’ve already achieved 5,101 steps. Great I think – feeling instantly slimmer. Coffee with a friend next, before I go for a much needed haircut in a nearby village.

Just enough time to get back home and make a picnic tea/supper for the children who will eat it on the way home from school after extra swimming lessons in the school pool for my youngest. I get a text (thank goodness) to remind me to pick up a school friend of Francesca’s. I make a note to remember not only the additional child but his violin, book bag etc. etc.

5pm. We’re finally home

5.30 Homework accomplished, both children, tick.

6.15 bath time. Francesca assures me she’s already clean after her post-swim shower. So Freddie bathes alone, whilst I get the bedrooms ready for nighttime and lay out clean school clothes for tomorrow morning. I feel unusually organised and have book bags and school shoes all ready by the front door.

6.50. With Francesca just asleep, I sit down with my son and I read him a chapter of his book. This week we are starting James & The Giant Peach. It’s hard to tell who’s more excited me or him.

I see that Freddie’s been given a set of drum sticks by his music teacher; time for me to start the search for a second hand drum kit, as I fear for my kitchen surfaces and table tops.

I get a text from my husband to say he’s on the 6.39 (from London) meaning an ETA of 8pm – phew enough time to tidy a little. He also asks what’s for supper. I sigh and look deep into the fridge, then I make a Spanish omelette of sorts, using up some mini courgettes, a yellow pepper and an onion, with a touch of Parmesan.

With both children now in bed – I’m tempted by the idea of a glass of wine, but I remember it’s only Monday! so I resist. I flop onto the sofa just as Matt arrives through the front door – I swear he looks at me as if I’ve been there all afternoon.

After Matt has some compulsory hoovering to do (invisible dust that I evidently can’t see…. I think it must help him unwind after his very long commute or something!), we sit down together on the sofa to watch Cold Feet – wow haven’t the cast aged in 10 years, we criticise. We agree it’s perhaps not as good as the first time round but definitely enjoyable watching – especially as we’re all the same sort of age!

I’m first in bed so I don’t have to be the one to lock up and turn everything off. I take a hot water bottle with me as we’ve not got the heating on yet.

Roll on Tuesday… I’ve left a note by the front door. Remember 1) to pick up Sebastian en route to school 2) to attend Francesca’s parents meeting at 2.50pm. 3) Make kids a Shepherds Pie now that I’ve defrosted the mince…


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  1. Sounds hard work in Hampshire. Hope you remembered everything, much busier being a parent than any of us anticipated isn’t it??

  2. Ina I loved reading this so much – all the little details make it come alive so well! I can picture Francesca being cheerful in the mornings, and I hope her parent meeting goes well. Send my love to them both xxx

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