Chloë Ashby, writer

This week, Hannah Hoskins interviewed Chloë Ashby, a London-based writer and sub editor.

chloe-ashbyAlthough I’m a creature of habit my Mondays vary from week to week – so let’s take one particular day by way of example. Monday 10 October.

The day begins prematurely with the buzzing of my boyfriend’s small but lethal alarm clock: it’s 06.00. Weekday mornings were the subject of debate when we moved in together a little over a month ago, because he starts work an hour earlier than I do (and likes to set his alarm 10 minutes before he needs to get up). He won – and it turns out I enjoy the wave of relief that washes over me when I realise I’ll have another sixty minutes in bed.

So after burrowing down under the duvet and promptly falling back to sleep, my day begins – this time for real – when my alarm buzzes. I’d like to say I spring out of bed and start the week with a run along the still canal or around dewy Highbury Fields – our new home is in Islington – but this rarely happens. Instead I clamber out of bed, spend too long taking a hot shower, pull on some clothes, half-dry my hair and leave the house.

I don’t often muster the energy for a morning run, but I do enjoy my daily walk to work; that being said, the morning light is growing dimmer and the temperature cooler, so my newfound love may not last long. The first half of my journey takes me through the wiggly tree-lined streets that surround our tiny but perfectly formed flat; after crossing the canal and navigating the crowds swarming around King’s Cross and St Pancras, I continue along the less picturesque thoroughfare to Marylebone.

In the office canteen I tuck into a warming bowl of porridge, sweetened by a healthy swirl of honey, then make my way to my desk (via a cup of tea). We sent the magazine to the printer the week before last so my day is due to be relatively calm: it will be a couple of days before the next issue’s copy starts trickling in. And yet the nose and tail end of my week are always busiest, involving editing and uploading radio-show descriptions and a daily news bulletin, as well as editing our in-house newsletter. Today I’ll also work on some bumf for our upcoming travel guides – including Copenhagen, for which I had the pleasure of taking on the role of culture editor. I’ll also do some writing.

I meet a friend for lunch: a pre-birthday sushi fest at the delightful Cocoro on quiet Marylebone Lane. After much deliberation we opt to share a selection of colourful sushi rolls, an acidic seaweed salad and a portion of piping-hot vegetable gyoza – oh, and perhaps a glass of white wine.

The second half of my Monday is always a little buzzier than the first, requiring a strong coffee and another cup of tea. But happily, before I know it (thank you lunchtime tipple) it’s 18.30 and I’m out the door.

I try to keep my Monday evenings free but tonight I’ve signed up for a pub quiz near Angel with a bunch of my boyfriend’s friends. I have high hopes – most of them studied at Cambridge, so they should know their stuff. As for me, I’ll nail anything related to art history. Second place, as it happens, is the best we can do.

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