What to do when you’ve overdosed on hygge

Sculpture by Duane Hanson, Serpentine Gallery, 2015

As much as we love hygge, there’s a point when it can degenerate into lethargy. If your particular hygge-brand includes high levels of idleness combined with increased sugar intake you may experience a sudden distaste for buttoned garments followed by vague feelings of self-disgust. At this point life outside the hygge-bubble becomes overwhelming and you start to lose confidence. It’s time to take a few steps to restore your balance and regain zest for life:

  • wear footwear with hard soles. The sound of your feet on the floor will create an atmosphere of go-getting.
  • stop eating cakes and other carb-heavy foods.
  • make to-do lists. This will clear up any messy thoughts caused by inactivity and over-eating.
  • switch off the TV. When the actors in the box set start becoming your ‘mates’ and you seek them out on Twitter, it’s a sign you’ve overdone it. As much as you love the characters, they are just that, fictional characters. Your friendship with them is not real.
  • Go outside. But avoid your normal route if it tends to lead to the pub or your local cafe.
  • Tidy up, clean your house and sort out all your filing. If you can’t do that because you don’t have a filing system or you’re out of files, then buy more files and set up a system.
  • Wash and iron all of the household’s laundry. Including the bedlinen. Don’t force other household members to participate. This is about you. (Unless, of course, they’re eager to deal with their own hygge-overdose).
  • Drink coffee instead of hot chocolate.
  • Eat only a very light supper (e.g. soup or a salad).
  • Enjoy a glass of Champagne, Prosecco or Cava before your supper. But only one glass. It will prevent you from feeling┬ádeprived.


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