Dilemma: The Cubicle Question – Part II

loo sign

This week the OWL conducted initial research into the cubicle preferences of public loo-goers. The venue – a pay-for facility in Kensington Gardens – has three cubicles plus a baby-changing area. During the test period of fifteen minutes, eight women visited the facilities. Of these, three picked the second cubicle, whereas five went for the third cubicle – one had only two options, as the middle cubicle was occupied when she entered.

The OWL realises that no substantial conclusions can be reached on the basis of this small sample, and will continue the research throughout the summer, visiting different facilities with a varying number of cubicles.

In the meantime, we bring you a snap of one of the loos at Heathrow Airport’s departure hall (terminal 2). We are always happy to visit the facilities at Heathrow, which are some of the best maintained in London. A highlight is the clever ‘maze’-inspired entry/exit system, which reduces the spread of bacteria by minimising the need for human contact with door handles. Note also the hook on the left, which is perfect for handbags. There’s another hook on the door for coats, so neither need to end up on the floor.

loo at heathrow
Image by Louise T.

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