DILEMMA: Would you return a gift?

If it’s the thought that counts then perhaps sometimes the thought isn’t good enough. But although most gifts are presumably given with the best of intentions, there are times when they’re just wrong. So what do you do? Accept with a smile and head to the charity shop? Re-wrap the item and hand it to your noisy neighbour for their birthday? Or do you return it and buy something else?



One thought

  1. I am grateful contributions for my ‘re-gifting box’. A delightful lucky dip of oddments for people I don’t want to shop for. A surprise visit on Christmas day from your cousin and the girlfriend you didn’t know about? Have a yoghurt maker. The school wants a raffle prize donation first thing in the morning? I’ve got 7 tubs of cranberry scented body butter. Secret santa? Well, Helen from HR, this fluorescent pink scarf set is all yours!

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