DILEMMA: Dinner is served

techattableWhat do you do if you’ve got guests around for dinner and they refuse to put their phones away?

I don’t think there’s a lot you can do. The truth is that they’re obviously less interested in you and your entertaining than in sorting out their dates, their work, their children and their shopping.

Or are they? Perhaps it’s just a bad habit…

Please use the comment section to express your views on this subject and how you deal with it. In the meantime this is what Debrett’s have to say about the matter.

“Answering phone calls, texting, or even repeatedly glancing at the screen in a social situation is never acceptable. Mobiles should be put away at the dining table (whether at home or eating out) and calls should only be taken, away from the table, in exceptional circumstances. Parents should encourage their children and teenagers to use their mobiles appropriately and unintrusively.”

Debrett’s Handbook, British Style, Correct Form, Modern Manners, London, 2015

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