‘SHE WAS A LOOKER..’ Can these make you slim?


Whilst absolutely delicious, chouquettes and eclairs, no matter how beautiful and nicely decorated with healthy berries, are not going to make you lose weight.

So, what do you do if you’re concerned about the waistline but need something for those moments when an apple won’t do the job?

The Owl in Pearls has been searching for alternatives and found some great options.

Mallow and Marsh – Raspberry Marshmallow Bar

Mallow and Marsh

Clocking in at a – very acceptable – 150 calories, this bar feels larger than its 35g due to the fluffiness of the marshmallow. It’s covered in proper dark chocolate, and it’s as satisfying as any standard 300 cals chocolate bar. It’s also filling enough that you won’t feel like stuffing down another ten right away.


Wild Thing – Organic PALEO Raw Bar

IMG_1719If you’re looking for something healthy, yet not quite ready for The Beetroot (see below), this one is for you. It’s a compact bar, which also happens to be vegan, organic and gluten free. Whilst it won’t trick you into thinking you’re eating something from the bakery, it’s filling and delicious and only 108 calories (30g).


The Beetroot

img_1725A gluten-free, dairy free beetroot bar. How does that sound? Yeah.. Step 1: handed it to my Lithuanian friend who has been known to show a fondness for root vegetables. She said it was most delicious. Step 2: took a bite.  The bar has a good chewy texture and is perhaps more of a health snack than actual eclair substitution, but it’s packed with dates and cashew nuts and very filling. It also tastes good (note: you have to like beetroot!).

35g, 128 calories.


The Primal Pantry Brazil Nut & Cherry Raw Paleo Bar

This bar can almost give you the illusion that you’re really eating a brownie (this doesn’t work if you have just eaten a brownie). But, if it’s been a while since you had something sweet with a nice texture then this will make you feel as if you’ve re-joined the normal people. Those who are eating what they like, not tucked away in that lonely place, Sugar Verboten Land. It’s higher in calories (208) than the other bars on this page, but that’s partly because there’s more of it (45g), and it’s so filling 1/2 bar will often be sufficient. Often..img_1723



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